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drill rig

Product Detail


Sincep has two types of drilling rig, carmounted and skid mounted. Drilling depth is from 1000 meters to 7000 meters

Drilling Rig: ZJ10, ZT15, ZJ20 series,mainly by the chassis, host, mud pump and manifold, solid control system, BOPcontrol system, air source system, electric power system and wellhead tools andso on.

1.reasonable structure, high containerizationand small occupation area

2.Use heavy 8 * 6,10 * 8,12 * 8 drive chassis,equipped with hydraulic power steering system, with good pass, cross-countryand lateral stability, the parts work reliably.

3.The diesel engine andthe hydraulic transmission box match reasonably, with high efficiencytransmission.

4.The main brake adopts belt brake orhydraulic disc brake. The auxiliary brake adopts pneumatic water cooling brakeor water brake type.

5.The rotary transmissionbox can realize positive and reverse gear, adapt to the reverse and thrustdrill pipe rotation operation, and equipped with anti torque release device toensure the deformation of the drill pipe can be released safely

6.The derrick is afront opening, a double section, a forward mast, an upright or a double uprightderrick, and the hydraulic lifting and stretching.

Skid mounted rig

1. The drive of drilling machine is dividedinto mechanical drive, electric drive (AC frequency conversion or directcurrent), compound drive and so on

2. The structure of the machine is compact,and the skid mounted modular structure is adopted. The installation is quick tomove, which meets the requirements of the drilling rig's main drag and clusterwell drilling. The whole machine is highly containerized and covers an area ofsmall size

3. The derrick structure has A shape, Kshape (suit vertical, lifting derrick, integral lifting) and so on

4. The base structure of a spiral type,singleshot box, stacked, telescopic.

5. The main brake adopts belt brake orhydraulic disc brake. The auxiliary brake adopts pneumatic water cooling pushplate brake or electromagnetic eddy current brake, and the AC variablefrequency electric drive drilling machine can adopt energy consumption system andaction auxiliary brake

6. The rig using network, informationtechnology, electrical hydraulic control, monitor and display integrateddesign, realization of intelligent driller and safety control.

7. Standardized and modular design, avariety of combinations, enhanced rig versatility, interchangeability

8. Perfect solid control, well control,high pressure manifold system and generator room, machine pump house, duty roomsupporting facilities, can meet the different requirements of users