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workover rig

Product Detail


Sincep productsworkover rig has XJ15, XT20, XJ30, XJ40 series, the series of workover rig ismainly composed of vehicle chassis, PTO with the pump box, torque converter,transmission angle gearbox, winch and crane control system, anti collisionemergency braking system, derrick and hoisting system, weight indicator andcentralized control of the liquid gas system. According to the needs of users,various types of workover rigs can be equipped with  1.5~3 tons hydraulic winch, XJ30, XJ40 andother series of workover rigs can be equipped with rotary transmission device,mechanical or hydraulic turntable, drill station and swivel head system .

Workover rigsusing domestic heavy off-road chassis, XJ15, XJ20 series workover rigs usingchassis of Hongyan, Yanan, FAW, Dongfeng; XJ30, XJ40 workover rigs usingchassis of cavalry, Steyr, North Benz and T815. All chassis have been used inthe oil field, with good guarantee service.

according to different user requirementsoperation, the power source for workover rigs has the following two ways:

(1)transport andoperation by same one engine, and the power of the operation is provided afterthe full power take-off mechanism.engine PTO pump boxHydraulic torque converter, angle drive box, winch, clutch winch

(2)Use exclusiveengine, add another engine and a hydraulic gear box are installed on thevehicle, and the power of workover operation is provided separately, and theindividual power is used for driving and operation Engine, hydraulictransmission, angle drive box, winch, clutch, winch。

XJ30, XJ40series workover rigs can also use our 6x6 drive chassis, host is equipped withthe Caterpillar CAT3306 engine, Allison HT750DRDB gear box, TC497 converter,also can be equipped with the same power of domestic engine and hydraulicgearbox, engine, torque converter and gear box.

Front & rear axle

Engine, hydraulictransmission

Angle drive box ,clutch,  winch


(1) Repair operation for oil, gas and waterwells .

XJ15 workover rig is suitable for repairless than 1000m (73mm tube) oil and gas well.

XJ20 workover rig is suitable for repairless than 1600m (73mm tube) oil and gas well.

XJ30 workover rig is suitable for repairless than 2600m (73mm tube) oil and gas well.

XJ40 workover rig is suitable for repairless than 3200m (73mm tube) oil and gas well.

(2)Inspectpump and repair tube for oil, gas and water well.

(3)Equipped with a rotary system, the XJ40workover rig can perform heavy repair operations within 2000m (73mm drilling)for oil, gas and water wells.


(1)Meet inspectionpump and repair tube and other operations for oil, gas, and water wells. 

(2)use professionalchassis has advantages of low maintenance and easy to repair vehicles.

(3)The truck has the advantages of goodoff-road capability, migration performance and small turning radius.

(4)Workover rigneed less auxiliary equipment and easy installation and transport, it canreduce the number of auxiliary equipment and persons in preparation and endtime.

(5)simpleoperation, safety, reliability and convenient maintenance, and can reduce laborcost.